The DIVOKÉ HUSY Foundation

WHO we are?

  • We are non-governmental, non-profit Czech organization, whose unique approach to assistance is based on doubling proceeds from beneficial events up to CZK 60 000!

We give a helping wing to those who want to fly themselves!

WHAT is our mission?

  • We support courageous people from non-profit organizations and their daring projects in the social, health and humanitarian field. We double their proceeds from the beneficial events. These generally have a local character, thereby we also promote togetherness of the community and motivate both the organizations and the individuals to an active approach to their environment.
  • We support a wide range of projects for children, adults and seniors in social and health emergencies.

WHY should you TRUST us?

  • We have been working in the Czech Republic since 1997. After merging with the foundation Civilia in 2006 within the Benefit with Divoké husy program (Benefice s Divokými husami) we also took over its activities. Together we have distributed over CZK 300 million among almost 1 500 projects!
  • The amount of the foundation’s share capital is CZK 32 791 908, including funds obtained in the past from the Foundation Investment Fund, in total an amount of CZK 29 940 000.
  • The Foundation Divoké husy is a member of the Fórum dárců Association and is involved in the donation projects Dárcovská SMS and Daruj správně.
  • Our fundraising observes the ethical code of the Czech Fundraising Center

HOW is the foundation Divoké husy FINANCED?

  • We raise funds from the profits of the foundation‘s principal sum, from domestic and foreign donors and through the public collection “Lety Divokých hus.“

WHY the NAME “Divoké husy?“

  • We were helped by our Dutch partner foundation which has the same name, but in Dutch, “Wilde Ganzen”. The name is inspired by the journal of the Danish theologian and philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard, in which he compares wild geese with those domesticated. While the domesticated only sit in the yard and fatten up, wild geese fly from one place to another and resist stagnation. Our foundation also does not want to grow lazy and stagnate in its development.

HOW can you HELP us?

  • By sending a one-time contribution or establishing a standing order (account no. 27 000 000/0100), you can contribute to the public collection, the proceeds will serve clients of non-profit organizations. We offer a donor program for corporate donors, too.
  • Individuals can deduct the value of the donation (minimum amount of CZK 1000 per year) up to 15 % of the tax base. Legal entities can deduct the gift (minimum amount CZK 2000 per year) up to 10 % of the tax base.
  • Employees who are taxed by an employer submit the confirmation of donation to their payroll accounting office. Self- employed persons (OSVČ) apply the deduction of donations from taxes in their tax return. Employees filling their own tax return also apply the deduction in their tax return.
  • Upon request, we will gladly send you conformation for the tax authority or payroll accounting office.

Thank you for flying with us!


Sending help via bank transfer

Account of the public collection – Lety Divokých hus

27000000/0100 at Komerční banka Prague 1

You can send donations to public collection to this account; the collections are regularly advertised within the “Lety Divokých hus“ program. Thank you.

Your gift will be credited to the current public collection by the date of receipt.

Operating account

27000035/0100 at Komerční banka Prague 1

You can send financial donations to support the activity of the Foundation to this account. Thank you.

Grant account

27000019/0100 at Komerční banka Prague 1

The applicants receive the foundation’s contributions from this account, doubling the proceeds from the beneficial event. You can also send donations to this account. Thank you.

TO WHOM we can HELP?

Are you a non-governmental, non-profit organization or volunteering association?

  • Are you planning a beneficiary program in your community to raise your funds and share your experiences?

If your answer is “yes”, learn more about the grant proceeding procedure right here:

How to apply for the grant

Let´s fly together and help more people! 



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